Topanga Moon hosts moon ritual workshops on the full or new moon. Each workshop is based on the energetics of that specific moon. There are several key elements which include: introduction to the astrology and meaning behind the moon, crystal exchange, letting go ceremony, moon spell, spirit animals and guided meditations.

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Moon Party

Each party celebrates the unique zodiac and moon of the month. Check out the upcoming events below!

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Upcoming Workshops


spellbound soiree

October 27th 2019


Coming soon to the community I will be hosting new and full moon retreats in magnetic locations. These retreats will be focused on the moon phases and rituals along with other spiritual experts in plant based nutrition, yoga, plant medicine, sustainable practices and so much more! The retreats will be designed with the location in mind, a weekend to recharge, connect with a like minded community and have a beautiful experience under the magic of the moon. If you want to be the first to know about the upcoming retreat dates and locations sign up for our newsletter!