The Lovers Tarot

Design and photo by: Alex Perlin

Design and photo by: Alex Perlin

Happy Love Day! This day can be so beautiful if we focus on the energy of love, the love we have for ourselves and the love we can show others. For me this day represents deep self love, looking inwards to cherish the person I am and emanate that love. I am really excited to share the new tarot card designed for Topanga Moon: The Lovers. This card was illustrated by my dear friend Alex Perlin. It represents the lovers tarot and my love of Joshua Tree. The lovers tarot represents relationship and choices, deep passion and true love. It is a beautiful card and the two hands intertwining are a symbol of love coming together. If you pull this card in a reading it could mean passion will be entering your life or a choice must be made and you should let love lead the way. It also represents soul communication and a balance of coming together for a higher good.

I hope you have the most loving day! xoxo and happy high vibing.


February New Moon


We have a powerful and very hopeful new moon on February 4th. This new moon will feel more like a fresh start than the one in January as that month had many eclipses which tend to take over in the energetics of a moon phase. It will feel like a new moon of a new year and with that comes the energy of a true fresh start. This moon in Aquarius is in a sextile to Jupiter which brings luck, new blessings and great opportunities for manifestations. This is the most lucky new moon of the year so take full advantage of this great energy by setting up clear and beautiful intentions.

Aquarius is innovative and can master a system like no other in the zodiac family, they are here to help us figure out a solution to any tricky situation. They are the future seekers, highly intuitive air signs that use their intellect to shine a light on the needs for the planet. This energy is here to help us make a strategic plan to create our manifestations. This energy can hold space as the logical side to your dreams so you can be the dreamer, you can hold your desires as the sacred container of these dreams. The new moon energy will help you map out how to get where you need to go to create the most abundant life while you can lean into your intuition and follow the pings of your heart. This energy gives clear messages, there is no shadow to block the information that needs to come through. Be mindful of the intuitive messages you receive today as they are guiding you to where you’re most aligned and abundant life is.

Luna Love


The energetics of February are really positive. And after the eclipse that is exactly what we need. The new moon in Aquarius on February 4th may be the best one of the year according to Astrology King. It brings happiness, abundance and good luck. The full moon on February 19th in Virgo is just as good bringing more high vibes and a steamy new romance. Regardless of having a happy moon phase you can always find ways to cultivate loving energetics. There could be the best new moon of the year and you can still feel like you are barely treading water. We are all in our own phases and sometimes the cosmic world just intensifies what we are already going through. It is important to feel it all, acknowledge the ride you are on but you don’t need to stay in it, you don’t need to be there alone, there is love that you can find in community.

Love is this ever present force, it is always there for us to find if we want to see it. We are made of the same things that stars are made of, all of the matter in the universe is made up of stardust. What a magical thought, to think we are a part of the stars, a part of the cosmos, connecting us in an incredible way. This connection reminds me that there is this beautiful love woven inside and it is that self love that creates magnetism in your life. When we make self love the priority then we have a gauge of what we accept in our life. Loving yourself the way you want a partner to love you and waiting, just waiting for that right piece of stardust that love themselves the way you love yourself. Loving yourself to ask for more, ask for the life you truly want to have, ask for that perfect place you want to live in, ask for the friends you can truly connect with, ask for the job that lights you up and wait for it all, wait until you feel worthy for it all, work on the worthiness so you can attract it all.

We are all made of stardust, remember that when you are having a bad day and your apartment is so cold that your pipes froze, or the guy you fell for has broken your heart, or the job you went after said no, remember that we are stardust and we can move through it all, we are more powerful than we even know. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, love yourself enough to know when you need to reach out. I want you to feel all the love you can, to have the courage to keep going and to seek love like the stars seek a place to be seen.

Here is a list of love based rituals you can do this month to bring more luna love into your life:

  • A loving ritual bath. Get some bath salts and even if you cannot afford the fancy ones go to your local health food store and buy some epsom salts from the bulk bins. Light some candles and maybe get some incense to burn while you take the bath. Throw in some rose petals as flowers bring loving vibes to you. And then let it all go, cry if you need to, release it all in the healing water. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, go on a meditative journey to a place that feels amazing to you, be there and know that your spirit it fully there.

  • Start a gratitude list. You can even just pick one night and give yourself some time to write down the things you are grateful for. Light candles and listen to music that you love and write it all out.

  • Plan a soulful trip for yourself. Find a place your soul has wanted to visit and just go! Don’t make any excuses and find a way to make it happen. Travelling for your soul will always give you insight, it will bring loving vibes to your life.

  • Seek out community. Find your tribe and connect with people who are into the same things you are. Maybe it is a new hobby, maybe it is just an online community but make sure it is possitive and loving. Community heals and we need each other, there is not just one star in the universe there is many!

We are the stars in the cosmos, happy high vibing.

After the Super Blood Wolf Moon


Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night? It is the only total lunar eclipse in 2019 and was a magical show. Also being a super blood wolf moon meaning the moon appears closer to us and wolf moon refers to the Native American term for the full moon in January. What I really noticed was how much I felt the full moon leading up to the big show. It sparked feelings of anxiety, confusion and just a heaviness. This lunar eclipse is about looking at your shadow, it was not a time for manifestations but instead for introspection. Get really clear about what your personal shadow work is, this moon will help you recognize it. So now what? Everyone talks about the events leading up to this cosmic emotional rollercoaster but never after, what do we do now with the information we learned about ourselves?

Take action! It is one thing to recognize what the moon is telling you but another to do something about it. Is there a new mantra you can incorporate, a daily practice, maybe you just need to run away from it all and go on a trip. Put the focus back on you and create joy in your life. When you are putting self love first that will create more magnetism and bring in more love. The love we get is proportionate to the love we give ourselves. We are always a mirror to what we receive, the easiest way to see what your emotional life is like is to look at the things happening around you. What is amazing about that is you can change that at any time!!

Here are some mantra’s for after the super blood wolf moon based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: I am powerful manifestor and my independent spirit brings abundance.

Taurus: My patience will lead to perfect timing, I am magnetic.

Gemini: I am adaptable and can move with the phases of the moon, nothing can stop me from creating the life I love.

Cancer: I am love like the deep ocean, this love is my super power.

Leo: I am here to share my gifts with the world, my light deserves to be seen and will help others.

Virgo: I am the best friend, the confidant, the peaceful warrior here to help the world.

Libra: I am justice for all and myself, I am self love which creates more love for everyone.

Scorpio: I am passionate and magical and use this magic to create exactly what I want.

Sagittarius: I am free to roam and here to show others they can have a life of freedom.

Capricorn: I am steadfast and have the ability to bring in abundance, I know how to work hard and celebrate my success.

Aquarius: I am the unique thinker, my ideas will change the world.

Pisces: I am compassion personified, my art and expression show others how to love.

Happy high vibing!!

Topanga Travels - Upstate New York


I have been getting some questions about why I went on a solo road trip to stay in a cabin. Especially a cabin with no electricity in the middle of winter! I love travel and have always had a nomadic spirit. One of my intentions for this year was to make it a year about travel, to travel to a new place once a month, even if it was a weekend getaway. Most importantly I wanted to choose places that hold high vibrations, that pulled me in or I felt inspired to visit. I had this cabin airbnb saved on my wish list for months. When I found it I had this ping or intuition that I had to visit by myself, to heal from the rock bottoms of 2018. So I saved it knowing that I would one day visit. This intuition grew stronger as soon as we entered 2019 and so with very little planning I booked the cabin and a rental car and off I went on my winter getaway.

The drive to Argyle, New York was very peaceful and easy. I listened to the ‘Coast to Coast’ podcast and spruced up on the alien conspiracy theories that I love and finished listening to the book ‘Mastery of Love,’ equally important material for my new script. I stocked up on my favourites at Trader Joes like my tradition of drinking blue moon whenever I visit America. It was a long journey but so amazing to have several hours to myself, with my own thoughts and ideas. I arrived at night to the cabin and was greeted by the lovely host Victoria. She had a sled waiting for me to transport all my bags to the cabin. We became fast friends and connected over our vegan diets, our love for cabins and beliefs in spirit guides!

That first night I settled into an evening by the wood stove fireplace and a cozy room lit by candles. I truly felt like I stepped back in time and there was something very calming about this experience and at the same time uncomfortable, not of my surroundings because it was in fact my dream cabin, but in the sense that I longed for company on this trip.. My eyes and spirit had to adjust to its new reality of lighting by candles and sleeping in a cabin completely isolated. I thought I would be scared as I usually am when sleeping alone in a new place, especially in the middle of nowhere with only the sounds of coyotes in the distance. I wasn’t scared, there was something really peaceful and safe about the property, it had amazing energy. All I had were my own thoughts. This was a beautiful experience of really getting to know my intuitive voice, of knowing what its like to rely on just myself, to really be a friend to myself. i guess in a way that was the objective, to slow down enough and let nature heal my soul. There was no special ritual I did, no meditation, nothing of that nature, I just simply enjoyed my time and allowing whatever was to occur naturally occur.

This cabin was so beautiful and I am so grateful to have such a cool experience. It was very rustic but if you are into that kind of adventure and do not mind lower temps you should really go experience it for yourself! The best part of the trip was creating a friendship, but isn’t that really what travel is about? The people you meet create the experiences, and this one was healing and oh so lovely. I cannot wait to return to this magical place and stay in some of the other properties. Victoria created an impeccably curated vintage and cabin lovers oasis, it was divine and filled with magic. I am so happy to meet a new friend and to know this little high vibing part of the world really did soothe my soul. I hope you experience this wonder for yourself one day!


Winter Solstice + Full Moon

IMG_9622 copy.jpg

Ahhh the winter solstice, the most energetically magical time of year. This day has been celebrated by tribes for thousands of years and with good reason! It really is an energetic portal, and our ancestors knew its magic and that is why a place like Stonehenge has been used as a place of great ritual for the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and longest night of the year. This solstice is very special as we also have a full moon on the 22nd and the Ursid meteor shower. The cosmos are here to light the way for our darkest day. The solstice is about going within, a deep inner knowing of self and to reflect on this past year. It is a beautiful reminder of the cocoon phase we are in this month, to seek that silence. It is when we can get very still that divine messages can come in from our highest good. The absence of light allows us gratitude for mama earth and the sun, a time of reverence for the planet and the beautiful gift the sunlight brings us. It is also a great moment to ask yourself: Where in my life would I like more illumination? How can we use this time to connect to our guides and receive more intuition? What important parts of myself have I kept hidden from the world?

We also have a beautiful full moon on the 22nd, called the cold moon. It represents the struggle we may have gone through and the light from the moon now illuminating the blessings. It is a full moon starting in the sign of Gemini, the sign of the twins, yin-yang energy and finding balance in our lives. How can we use the high vibe energy of the moon to connect to others at this busy time. Then the moon goes into the sign of Cancer, the watery, emotional sign of great compassion. This sign allows us more ease and inner contemplation and a release for any lingering feelings that we need to let go. Also a wonderful time to contemplate where you were and how you were feeling on last years solstice and full moon? Last year at this time I went through immense struggle and illumination, and a year later I have found the tools to heal and have grown in major self worth! Now I enter this solstice and full moon with high vibration and a deep love for myself that was missing. We always go through the lessons our soul needs to elevate ourself for the new things we are calling in! If there is struggle in your life right now know that there is always light at the end and everything moves and flows, the struggle will not last and magnetic experiences are waiting for you if you accept the lessons and bless them for being teachers on your journey!

A beautiful winter solstice ritual you can do tonight is to create a sacred place in your home. Gather things that are special to you; candles, incense, flowers or anything that brings joy and ease. Write down an intention you have for the new year, let it be as magical and grand as you like. Then turn off all the lights and sit in the darkness as you contemplate the thing your soul craves and know that it is for you! Then light the candle, this represents the light after the darkness and the acknowledgment that the universe is bringing you your intention. Say a blessing for the light and the celebration of this winter solstice.

Happy winter solstice and high vibes for the holidays!



Where it all began! I really love beginning stories, to see where a creative idea started and to see how far it has come from that moment. I have been hosting ‘moon parties’ for over 2 years now and I never thought I would be here turning it into a cosmic community and brand. This is such a great example to me on how following joy can lead you to places you don’t expect. Was this always part of my journey? I really believe so. I have always been creating and following creative ideas, some of them stick and some of them vanish but none have been a waste as they have brought me here. This moon box idea wasn’t even mine, it was sparked by a beautiful relationship, the carrier of this sacred idea. If you are open to it love can really lead you to so many unexpected things and places. So here it is, my love letter to that time.

Almost a year ago I was travelling solo in Joshua Tree on Valentine’s day. It was at that time I started the journey for Topanga Moon. These photos are from that trip, a trip that made me fall in love with the desert and all of that love has been put into this brand. With the colours and emotions the desert evokes Topanga Moon was born. Welcome to my desert oasis with rituals that have healed my soul and product that is created with my loving vibration and beautiful intentions. This was created for community, for you and me to feel connected to nature and manifest our hearts desire. Welcome to the moon tribe.