New Moon in Libra and Cosmic Shift

Photo: Aneta Sofronova

Photo: Aneta Sofronova

Ah the New Moon in Libra. As a Gemini I welcome this sign with open arms, it is a nice relief from the get-things-done planning of Virgo. And if you are anything like me you tend to go with the flow and not have a plan, plans feel constricting. With Libra we have an invitation to flow more, to breathe more and to follow the pings of our heart. Have you felt like decisions have been looming around the corner and you need to make one soon? Well this New Moon energy will help with those decisions, there will be a sign, an opening or heck even a psychic that will give you a gentle nudge to the right way. It is almost like we are at a crossroads and have too many paths to take, just know that each one will eventually lead you to the right place, you just have to make the leap. Libra is the balance of the scales and presenting us with all the information so now it is up to us to decide what we truly want, and know that all big leaps supported by our intuition will be magnetic. Make a decision based on your self worth and the universe will reward you with even greater opportunities. We also have the ruler of this planet Venus at play. More chances for beauty and abundance and especially for our romances. All that love swirling in the cosmos brings luck and good vibes, we are truly supported by our guides. Step into the space of joy and notice the beauty around you, this is the way to not miss out on the luck, it will have an opening in the space of joy.

There is a cosmic shift brewing in the sky, have you felt it? We no longer can settle for a low vibrational life as we are being called to be our higher selves to shift the conscious space in a big way. By stepping into our authentic path more fully we can give more to the world, filling our own cup will then spill over with more love and light to others and their cups will spill over to the world. Anything that does not serve this new elevation will need to be let go of, this is evolution and change and this is up levelling. We are moving between 3D, 4D and even 5D. The earth itself is now in 4D, this is the dream world, a state of possibility, of magic and connection to all things, it is the space where darkness transforms into light. We can all tap into this higher frequency and if you are reading this that means you are already a seeker and have been tapping in! We are moving away from the need to attain the material and are stepping into a space of helping others and connection to our mama earth. This is the most accelerated and exciting time to be on this physical planet, there is a large group of us that are light beings that are waking up to our potential and the idea that we came from other planets for the purpose of raising the consciousness of this gorgeous planet. On this New Moon let us all lean into this faith in a new dimension and lean into the light.

I am the light of the new dimension, all is possible here

Photos from my time in Landers, California.