Harvest Full Moon

Photo by: Aneta Sofronova

Photo by: Aneta Sofronova

We are here to feel!

We have a transformative and powerful, emotional full moon! This full moon is about stripping away everything so your soul can be on the right path. If you are feeling strong emotions, high anxiety and alot of fear that is ok. We are moving into a new paradigm this month and it is happening very quickly so our bodies are trying to catch up with what is going on cosmically. What is truly not serving you will not stay silent anymore and you are being called to rise up even higher, to fully step into your power and worth and to claim the things that are meant for you. So how do we do this? Well we invite fear in, we allow those fearful thoughts to come alongside of us as we do the thing anyway.  All of our safety is being taken away because it is time for us and the whole planet for to really take that leap. So what does this look like? You know when you clear space and an idea comes in that says I want to start a new business or I want to move to a different city… then the ego mind comes in and says, ya but...it is our moment to ignore the ya but and do the thing! But more important than that is to recognize that this moment right now, this is all that is happening. Our past is a story, it doesn’t exist anymore yet we are all running and making our decisions based on our past stories. But in this moment right now we are we are safe, we are discussing the moon, so this moment is abundant, we have everything we need in this moment. 

The harvest moon is all about love and magic. So although you may have felt strong emotions leading up to the full moon, on the full moon you have the capacity to create and experience the magic. We are in the sign of Pisces, it is such a loving sign, it will take care of you and bring you the grace to handle anything. Water is a huge theme for this full harvest moon, how can we be like water, how can we flow with our life and allow the magic to come in. 

What you should do on the full moon on Saturday:

  1. Meditate

  2. Be kind to yourself, when negative emotions arise say this mantra: I am the fullness of the moon, I am worthy of everything I desire

  3. Have a dreamy date with yourself or someone you love. Put on some good music, light candles and incense, make some tea or drink some wine and have a beautiful night in.

Happy Harvest Full Moon