Full Moon in Aquarius


C O N N E C T I O N. That is the theme of this full moon in Aquarius. As we usher in these full moon vibes we have Venus conjunct the Sun. This means that our Venus side and especially the sign that falls in our specific area of Venus is amplified in the sun’s energy. These loving and connected energies are here to ignite our hearts and let go of fears that we are unworthy of love. This theme couldn’t be more serendipitous as I just released a podcast episode all about the topic of love and limiting beliefs! It is really about how we are shedding these stories and looking at our lives to see all the abundance around us. How can we use connection to light up our manifestations? And this could even mean connecting to mama earth, feeling the loving energy of Venus flow through the trees and soil.

Aquarius is the sign of originality, deep thinking and independence. They are able to see systems and patterns for the future. This is a great sign to host a full moon receiving ritual as it will guide future manifestations. Using that self love magic from Venus create some time tonight to host your own moon party and call in that Love or that Abundance or whatever your heart is desiring. This moon really wants us to let go of old stories as they keep us from moving forward like the Aquarian. Most importantly it is believing we are worthy of what we want. That is a key component to manifesting, the belief that your desires are valid and you are worthy of receiving them.

A simple full moon ritual:

Light some candles and set out a crystal you will be using for the full moon cycle. Thank the goddess Lakshmi for the prosperity and success that is coming your way. Write down your intention and carefully burn the piece of paper as an offering to the goddess while reciting this mantra:

Abundance flows easily, I am fully supported by the universe and worthy of my greatest desire…

Fill in the remainder of the mantra with the desire you are calling in.

End the ritual by calling in white light and love to protect your wish ceremony, thanking your guides and the goddess Lakshmi.

Happy full moon and high vibes!! xo