Mercury Retrograde


I am excited to have this mercury retrograde. No more fear around this cosmic phenomenon because our perception is everything and will change what we receive! So why am I loving this mercury retrograde that is moving through Leo and Cancer and during eclipse season? These energies may be intense but what I think the beauty about this time is that we can see so much more clearly. There may be miscommunications or miss steps that actually enlighten something for your benefit. Something may come in that at first seems like a denial or hurtful experience but it is actually the universe’s way of protecting you. That is the power of retrograde, we can dive in deeper and actually see things for what they are. For example right before this retrograde a guy that I met while on vacation sent me a message that he meant to send another girl! This is so retrograde and so perfect because it was a clear sign about his intentions. My perception of the situation was that it was in fact a blessing.

Since mercury is all about communication and this is the area that can get confused during this time why don’t we use it as an opportunity to become extra clear with ourselves and others. Speak your truth, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and ask for what you want! We can use the emotional side of Cancer to get clear on our feelings and what we love and then use the confidence of Leo to express it, no matter the outcome. The truth will always set you free. And do not be surprised if ex’s come back at this time, they love to pop up during retrogrades. Use your intuition and really follow that gut instinct about it, this is a great opportunity for you to decide what you want and if it is of your best interest. Remember that we can create the experience we desire, we can choose to see things in a positive way and we can perceive any situation as a benefit to us. Always look for the silver lining and remember to speak with love and walk in the direction of love.

Happy retrograde moon babes, xoxo