Podcast! and the Leo New Moon


It’s all happening!!! I am starting this Leo season off with exciting news. My podcast is out! I have wanted to create a podcast for a long time now and this timing feels so right. The topanga moon podcast is an extension of the brand where I get to interview spiritual entrepreneurs who inspire me and talk about all the incredible wellness things I love. It is wellness with a whole lot of moon magic. I wanted the podcast to feel like you are hanging with me and my friends discussing the cosmos and the mystical journey we are all on by the fire and under the desert stars. You know those conversations you have out in nature, on the nights where you are camping and get caught up in the beauty of the night sky. Those are the vibey conversations you will find on topanga moon. On the first episode I chat with my dear friend and energy healer Elise Johnston and we get really personal about our magical desert road trip through the American Southwest. We are talking all kinds of trippy magic like portal energy, the Sedona vortex and the time we jumped time. I love this conversation and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

We also have the powerful energy of the Leo New Moon. We are now out of the eclipse and into the energetic field of all possibility. We are in a huge moment of expansion!! All of your dreams feel more possible now, you get the extra high vibration to create anything. Leo is the abundant queen, we have everything we need right now to shine and step out into the light that is waiting for us. It is called the black moon or dark moon but this is just a term placed on this new moon and will not affect you in an energetic way. This new moon is all about getting exactly what you want and what you deserve. There is no better time to take that chance and go after the things you want, the Leo new moon is here for you and wants to see you shine. Get ready for all the high vibes in this fiery season.

Mantra: I am powerful and abundant, the queen of my destiny.

The podcast is on Spotify and will be on itunes soon. You can also enjoy the episode below.

Thank you to my amazing friend Sasha Szlafarski for creating the most perfect intro music for the podcast. It feels like the desert and is perfect. Enjoy moon tribe!!

We discuss:

  • Our dream campervan trip through the American Southwest

  • Energetic portals while travelling

  • Divine partnership

  • Transformation and energetic gifts after grief and loss

  • What is a grid, vortex and portal?

  • Manifestation through travel



    Music by: Sasha Szlafarski