Topanga Travels - Taos, New Mexico


Taos, New Mexico was a place I only found out about because of a cabin I saved in my airbnb cabin wish lists. It was called the writers cabin which was a huge sign for me as I had been developing my latest script set in New Mexico. I knew Taos would be a hippie artist community in the northern part of New Mexico, but I never realized how mountainous it was and how many artists really did live in the area. Taos is bounded by the Sangre de Cristo mountains and they are a majestic sight to see. Checking out the small town you will find ceramic shops everywhere! Pottery is a huge part of Taos and it was amazing to see this thriving art community. Along with the bustling art and mountain vistas, Taos is also home to The Earthships! The Earthship Biotecture is an incredible project location in Taos that is not only an educational space but a thriving community which you can visit or even book a stay. We stumbled upon the earthships when we were leaving Taos and heading to Colorado, like most things on this trip we were led.

While in Taos we stayed at the Goji Farm in a cute little cabin which you can rent here! “Part of an eco lodge, the Writer's Cabin sits on 40 acres among seasonal creeks, ponds, aspens and cottonwood trees, organic berry orchards and great views of the mountains.” We loved our peaceful stay and even were able to explore the small town and found a great little market called the Sol Food Market & Cafe and then were able to walk around to some pottery shops and antique markets. Since our time in Taos was fairly short we didn’t get to experience the world heritage site Taos Pueblo, a history site that is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited communities in America. There is so much to discover in Taos and you can feel the history of the land by just being there. If you are doing the drive from Taos into Colorado, take the scenic route with highway 285 and then stop in the super trippy town of Creston. It is a really cool small town in Colorado but make sure to get there early because everything closes really early. Then hop over to the Valley View Hot Springs. It is a clothing optional natural hot springs and a hidden gem, all the locals were shocked two girls from Canada found it. We watched the sun set over the mountains in the hot spring and then walked down a path through the woods completely lit up by fireflies, magical is an understatement to describe that experience. Enjoy some photos below!

xoxo Happy high vibe travels