New Moon + Solar Eclipse


Happy new moon in Cancer! The sign of Cancer is very nurturing, divine and loving. This mother energy is allowing us to look at how we can nuture and give love to ourselves and to others and our planet. It is all cyclical, what we take in as energy we also give. There is a strong theme of partnership, companionship and love for all beings at this time and what a beautiful time to celebrate that in the beginning of summer. If we tap into this alchemy of self love and truly finding the feeling of joy before the evidence of our manifestations we can manifest all of our hearts desire. Whatever it is you are calling in right now use the energy of the new moon to feel the feelings first! Let it all go, bless your desires and find happiness in what you already have. Those high vibe feelings are accelerated at this time so it is easier to float with the good times. This is also a very tender time, emotions are very high so you may experience high highs and low lows. We always live in polarity, the universe shows us both aspects but it all depends on our perception of what is entering our life. To ride the wave of bliss be in nature, watch the sunset, swim in the sea or go on a hike. When we can remove ourselves from all distractions we can connect to that mother nature energy that will infuse us with light and power.

We also have a solar eclipse. This is the beginning of a strong eclipse portal of energy in the month. After experiencing the portal energy of Sedona, Arizona I know first hand the pure magic that can be found with this kind of energy. We have access to this portal during the eclipse, access to our full potential and total new beginnings that will unfold. It is also a north node eclipse in the sign of Cancer, and north nodes are about our destiny and fate. This brings us to a whole new path!!!! We are entering a completely new phase, so it is our job to either step into this next chapter with an open heart or resist, but either way it will be happening. This is a defining moment where we have come to an end of a karmic completion. It is a monumental time for us to let go of the life we are living to experience the life we have dreamed of and embrace the unknown fully. We must have the faith to move fearlessly in this time, listen to our intuition and take inspired action when we are called. I am SO READY for this shift, are you?

A mantra to help you transition through this exciting time:

I am willing to let go of the old world to live the life that was meant for me, a divine path is illuminated.

Some photos so far of my trip in Croatia!! Also you will find my new moon + solar eclipse playlist below, enjoy this groovy time.