Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse


Happy full moon in Capricorn lunar tribe! I am feeling such high vibes and amazing energy after my soulful journey in Croatia. This full moon has the essence of courage and total faith and inner guidance. It represents moving past your comfort zone, stepping fully into the unknown and creating from your heart space. Capricorn energy is all about goals and accomplishments on your own terms. This organized and motivated energy will give you the push you need to create the life you are dreaming of or co-create your current manifestation. I know that this retrograde and eclipse season has activated emotions and caused some intensity! I have been navigating these emotional zones I will call them by just riding the wave. Choosing to hop on for the ride, allowing whatever to flow in with grace and gratitude and a deep knowing that whatever is for me will always be for me. Signs and synchronicities are at an all time high right now so look out for them! This morning I asked the universe to give me a sign that I am on the right path and immediately afterwards I bumped into an old work colleague and friend and our chat reconfirmed that I made the right decision to leave a job that wasn’t serving me anymore and go on my European adventure. Know that the universe is always there just waiting to be asked for assistance. Ask and it shall be given.

This full moon may feel uncomfortable but that is a good feeling! When we expand and up-level our life we start to feel uncomfortable in this new vibration. Staying in it and finding the good feeling thoughts supporting it will help this transition. This full moon wants you to soar higher, reach new levels and get into that high vibing vortex. We are also experiencing a lunar eclipse, making us feel very raw and vulnerable. A lunar eclipse is when the sun, earth and moon are all in alignment. How cool is this, there is a full alignment of these major energies and allow us to get back into alignment!! Eclipses teach us vital lessons and strip away all that isn’t serving us. Tapping into that eclipse energy will help you align with the true essence of you. What is your personal truth? Mama Luna will guide you and illuminate that for you. It is a very exciting time for manifestation. Your new experience wants to come through and it is only your job to get into the same frequency as this experience. Remember you were born worthy and a recognition of this worthiness will get you to that alignment. Life can be so exciting and amazing, look around at all the blessings you already have on this full moon.

Manifesting on the full moon:

  • ask the moon

  • feel the joy of your manifestation, it is coming

  • get into those high vibing feelings

  • surrender and allow the magic of the moon

Happy high vibes on this beautiful full moon, remember you are so loved and self love is the answer to all of your beautiful future adventures.


I am the light and fullness of the moon, I am worthy of all my hearts desires