Full Moon in Sagittarius


We are just days away from the summer solstice and have a full moon in Sagittarius. This full moon feels especially powerful for me as it falls on my birthday June 17th and the same day I will be arriving in Croatia. There is a major energetic portal at this time giving an opportunity for an upgrade. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and freedom, this true freedom for expansion and upgrade. It is so kismet that I will be travelling on this full moon and know that this trip was always destined for me to up level and create major shifts. It is an opportunity for anyone to up level with these energetic shifts. 

This portal energy gives us access to higher versions of ourselves, that is if we decide to step into it and embrace the worth that was always within. It is a sacred time to unearth our deepest authentic desires and truly believe that we can have them. In this high frequency we can access higher realms. Discernment is key in this time as the energy may bring overwhelm, but if you can stay grounded yet open to this mystical layer you can access intuitive avenues of your life you have yet to discover. Listen to the soft whispers you can and meditate. Allow your body to then integrate all this new information, what is coming in will be a higher realm of consciousness and will take much earthly energy. Ritual, rest and rejuvenation are all essential during this whole week. It will start on the full moon and continue to the summer equinox so it could be wise to write down everything. Like a puzzle you will have to put together the subtle signs you will receive all week through dream work, mediation and synchronicity. 

A ritual you can do on this full moon to activate this higher energetic portal is a dusk meditation. Find a space where you can marvel at the beauty of the full moon. Take several deep thoughtful breaths in as you look at the moon and let your mind focus on the breath. Once you are in a zen-like state with the mindful breathing and still looking at the moon, ask your guides/universe to bring in a message or ask a specific question. This can also be a request to receive a prophetic dream that night. Once you have asked the question listen for a moment for what may come in. If you have a notebook with you, you can write down anything that may come through, a thought, a word or a sentence. A good way to know if it is your guides sending you a message is that they will be direct and kind with loving words. You may also at this time go into a meditation to slow your thoughts and let the magic of the full moon bring portal energy to you. Thank the universe for the guidance. 

I hope you are celebrating this mystical time, beautiful shifts await us. Happy high vibes!