New Moon in Joshua Tree

Photo: Cameron Butryn

Photo: Cameron Butryn

Happy New Moon from Joshua Tree. I am so thrilled to be spending this new moon in my favourite place and for a wedding celebration of one of my dearest. This new moon really feels special to me and is a symbol of all things love. It is the new moon in Taurus, a great sign of beauty and stability. Look at where Taurus shows up in your natal chart and this will guide the direction of the new moon for you. My Taurus is in Venus and that is no surprise there as I am literally being bathed in love and witnessing the purest of soul partner love at a wedding in Joshua Tree. For me this is a beautiful example of holding the energetics of love. Aligning with my soul partner has really been on my heart this year and this very new moon is the greatest sign for that. You can hold the energetic space for what you want to create by those who you surround yourself with and the actions you take, how can you create an atmosphere of love to bring more in?

This new moon is all about change, the courage to take that leap for change, to put yourself in uncertainty to align with the certainty that the universe holds for you. The breakthrough and great joy is found in taking leaps for your soul, to follow the heart pings you feel that will lead the way. For me that came in the form of a road trip through America, beginning at a wedding (ritual) in the desert. Tonight I honour the energetics by continuing the love ritual created at the wedding. You can hold ritual for anything you desire and it is a way to announce the change you want to create, announce the start of your uncertain path. There is beauty to be found at the end of that courageous leap, what does life have for you there.

Tonight in the Joshua Tree National Park I will be lighting candles, offering flowers and blessing this perfect new moon moment with the sunset.

Happy High Vibes, xo