June New Moon


It is gemini season and my birthday month! Being a gemini sun and moon and not to mention libra rising means I am all air. That means I am usually floating around in the cosmos and makes it harder for me to stay grounded in so many areas of my life, but especially relationships. Can any of my fellow air signs relate? I am a dreamer through and through which is so beneficial for my creative life and gives me so much vision. Plus I love communication in any capacity, I love more than anything to get into a spiritual conversation or really get to know your essence through words. To put this ability into practical use I have learned that my spirit needs earthing!! I need to feel the earth and connect to nature and that is what creates the ground work for my beautiful visions and my communication, bringing me back to the soil. And all of this directly relates to the upcoming new moon which really showcases the power of words.

The new moon on June 3rd is in gemini! This new moon calls us to remember that our words are sacred, our words are our wands, then have the power to create our reality. Gemini energy can be intense, it could make your mind swirl with thoughts and it definitely likes to create stories! I am a storyteller by nature and this has been a great asset to my writing but has also contributed to the stories I tell myself. This is a really good time to evaluate those stories, what are the shadowy stories you are telling yourself and how can you focus on moving the energy instead. So when a negative story comes up for you can you notice it and just focus on the feeling. Allowing the feeling to move you, but do not give the story power. Instead write a new story!!! That is something we can control and even if it doesn’t feel true yet we must practice to make the new empowered story a truth. Use the new moon to write yourself beautiful new stories as the energy of the new moon will super charge your words. Your words will become magic, honour them, bless them and feel it all. You are so loved and so worthy as you are.

I hope you have an amazing new moon and I will be hosting a new moon party on June 4th, all of the details can be found on the ritual page.

xoxo and happy high vibes!