New Moon In Aries


The Aries new moon, the first of the zodiac, the freshest of starts. There is a theme I am feeling for this month and this new moon of being INSANELY AUTHENTIC. This new moon is about getting so real about yourself and starting completely fresh by getting rid of what is not working once and for all. When you clear things out in your life that is when you can bring more in. When you make your self worth your top priority and become really honest with what you want that is when the clarity will rush in. The universe can’t send you something unless it knows what you want. This new moon is really calling you to jump in and throw all cautions to the wind, with you hair flowing while you drive past your fear. It is about the alchemy created when we put in the work, the true work we want to be creating and not to be confused with the things that aren’t aligned. This will be a month of pushing through, finishing up projects and trying to juggle all that is coming to you. Remember to breathe! and to find your sacred moments of rest.

Here is a ritual to do for tonight’s new moon!

Ritual for new moon manifestation:

Let’s get real!! Get some music playing, clean your space, turn down the lights and light some candles. Get things really vibing by using some woodsy incense and have a tarot deck near by. We are setting a mood to feel great and create a sacred moment for yourself. Turn off your phone as you don’t want any distractions for when intuition comes in. Get your journal or a piece of paper and write down the things that you have been doing that are not aligning and making you happy and get REAL about it. Take an inventory of anything that doesn’t make you feel your most vibrant self and then ask yourself is there something I can do to change it? If there is one pressing issue you can ask the tarot deck for a resolution. Listen for what your gut is telling you. Then write a dream list, whatever you want for your year write it down. Thank the universe for guiding the way and brining in portals for you to achieve it. Get excited about your new life, it is coming for you, just watch for the signs and let the universe do its magic. Take action right away! What is one thing you can do right now to get closer to your vision? Maybe it’s creating a vision board, sending an email, researching a new project idea or writing the synopsis of your new book idea. With this new moon energy do it now!! The Aries energy is here to give you the boost and passion you need.

Happy new moon and high vibing!

xo Ana