Full Moon in Libra


Hello Full Moon!!! How is everyone in this Aries season? I must say for me and maybe its a gemini thing but this Aries season is working me to the bone!! I actually was burnt out this month which I haven’t gone through in a long time and I know it is because right now I am calling in a more expanded and elevated life while transitioning out of my old life and stories, hence the growing pains. Aries is a force and is intense and powerful, there is no time for second guesses right now. While I transition into this new energetic portal I have felt a sense of being more introverted and just getting work done. It is important to honour those seasons and I know that it is all worth it for the experiences I am about to have.

A big part of this expansion and portal upgrade will be my travels to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. I have felt called to these areas for so long but for various reasons my plans always fell through. I tried to plan a trip there on 3 separate occasions and it never flowed, even one trip was pretty set in stone and still didn’t happen! Through all the energetic work I have done I knew that it just meant it wasn’t the right time. As I learned from a trip to Hawaii over a year ago, you really need to be spiritually ready to enter some of these places. I will be travelling through Sedona, Arizona which is known to be an energy portal and now I see that my soul is ready for that experience and that is why I am going in May. I will be creating some travel guides to all these high vibing places and cannot wait to share my experiences with you on the blog, my instagram and upcoming podcast!!

Now back to this full moon energy we have today. We will all experience it differently depending on where we find Libra in our chart. This is the pink full moon as we are in a season of spring flowers. Libra is ruled by Venus and this full moon is about romance and partnership and collaboration. It taps into the side of libra that seeks beauty and pleasure so get that salt bath going or have a fun night out with friends, you may even stumble upon a new romantic connection. This full moon can also help you manifest soulmate love as it did for my bestie two years ago this day on a sailboat in Savannah. You can use this full moon energy to call in that partner, even if it is not your divine time yet. Set the intention and believe before you receive. Full moons always bring magic and is the best time to cultivate self care and love for yourself. And since I have been working away this month I will be celebrating the full moon with another bestie over drinks and a much needed night out.

Happy full moon and high vibes, xo