Mercury Retrograde and New Moon in Pisces


And here we are at the start of another mercury retrograde and the new moon on March 6th in the emotional sign of pisces. The influence of this new moon energy will also affect how we experience the beginning of the retrograde. The new moon that is in Pisces has a connection to its ruling planet Neptune. This brings out elements of a beautiful chaos, the blessings in the midst of breakdowns. it is also very creative and spiritual while highlighting the shadows in our life. If you are feeling confusion in aspects of your romance and career and spiritual side know that this may be the result of our mysterious Neptune. In the mystery we can find the light once again by putting our creativity and spiritual practices first. Since we are in the beginning of the retrograde of mercury which governs our communication we may be feeling this fog and misunderstanding in the form of communication. Has your romantic or personal relationships felt uneasy or perhaps absent? Ride the emotional wave and know that whatever happens with the planets you can always choose yourself, choose to find beauty in what you love to create and try to focus on the great aspects of your life. This fog will not last for long and the answers you seek will eventually illuminate. This sensitive time is asking you to take a step back and go inwards, look to meditation to find some comforts. And maybe just maybe enjoy the not knowing, let life unfold in its own magical way, with the pain of challenges and the glory of secret beautiful moments and manifestations waiting for its perfect moment to come in, the moment where worth is aligned and loving yourself in the best medicine.

Mantras for mercury retrograde

We can always choose to embrace this time rather than run from it. The retrogrades are always here to illuminate what you really need to see and this is always to help you elevate your life to the next level. Remember that it is always happening for you not to you. Here are some mantras for each zodiac sign to get you through the retrograde. Say them every morning during a meditation or whenever you need a little more light.

Aries / I let my light lead the way, illumination through the inside out.

Taurus / I am a powerful creator and can build the life of my dreams.

Gemini / I am here to share my truths and find beauty in connecting with others.

Cancer / I am the wave of delicate emotion, spreading my love from my inner world to the outer.

Leo / I am the courageous soul, the soul that uses bravery to guide my path.

Virgo / I am compassion in the quiet moments, I will lead with my heart.

Libra / I am here to speak truth into others, to find the path that glorifies us all.

Scorpio / I use my passion to inspire others, my mystery is a beautiful gift.

Sagittarius / I am free to experience the world and allow the world to experience my truest self.

Capricorn / I am here to expand and grow into my whole authentic self.

Aquarius / I am infinite possibility and use my gifts to innovate the world around me.

Pisces / I am love in the silent moments and love without expectation.