Spring Equinox and Full Moon


The spring equinox is a super charged time, full of newness and signs of new beginnings. Just the presence of longer days and sunlight has an affect on our mood and vibration. With this equinox and powerful portal we are being asked to clean our slate, remove all that is unwanted to bring space for NEW. Whatever it is that you are calling in for the new season ahead it is time to start completely fresh, no matter where you came from or what happened in your past. This portal energy gives us a vibrational advantage and we can tap into our intuitive forces to help with this shift. Make strong moves, let go of the job that is not serving you, start that business you have always wanted and book that flight to the place that is calling you. This is a time for great courage into starting new and taking that leap. The theme for this equinox is jump in.

To jump in we need some energetic help from the supermoon full moon that is in Libra. Cultivating self worth and knowing your worthiness will help you confidently step into this new life you are creating. The Libra full moon is all about balance, the scales of justice. You need a balance between grounded-ness and dreamy vision for your future. What are the positive action steps you can take while also balancing your daydreams you have? The energy of this full moon with help you with the clarity. After this mercury retrograde things should have been illuminated for you and a deep realization of worth after the hard work of looking at your shadows. Libra’s peaceful energy will give you the much needed break after the chaos of the retrograde and will give you the push to seek your own justice. There is life force energy waiting to be revealed, use this time as an opportunity to go for exactly what you want. Fear will creep in but know that whatever is aligned for you will flow and you will always be supported.

Here is a ritual for you to do on the Spring Equinox on March 20th and the Full Moon on March 21st.

Wake up for Sunrise on the morning of March 21st as this is the first day of spring. Write down your intentions for the coming season, the things that make your heart sing. Take these intentions and a flower or plant offering, something that you can leave in nature. Go to a park or the beach or some place in nature that you love. Bring your intentions and offerings and you can even bring some sage to use to bless the offering. Once you have reached the spot say your intentions out loud to nature and say them as if they are currently happening and thank nature and the universe for bringing them into your life. Then when you are ready take the offering and give it to nature. Life is a balance, what we give is also what we receive.

Happy high vibes! xoxo