February New Moon


We have a powerful and very hopeful new moon on February 4th. This new moon will feel more like a fresh start than the one in January as that month had many eclipses which tend to take over in the energetics of a moon phase. It will feel like a new moon of a new year and with that comes the energy of a true fresh start. This moon in Aquarius is in a sextile to Jupiter which brings luck, new blessings and great opportunities for manifestations. This is the most lucky new moon of the year so take full advantage of this great energy by setting up clear and beautiful intentions.

Aquarius is innovative and can master a system like no other in the zodiac family, they are here to help us figure out a solution to any tricky situation. They are the future seekers, highly intuitive air signs that use their intellect to shine a light on the needs for the planet. This energy is here to help us make a strategic plan to create our manifestations. This energy can hold space as the logical side to your dreams so you can be the dreamer, you can hold your desires as the sacred container of these dreams. The new moon energy will help you map out how to get where you need to go to create the most abundant life while you can lean into your intuition and follow the pings of your heart. This energy gives clear messages, there is no shadow to block the information that needs to come through. Be mindful of the intuitive messages you receive today as they are guiding you to where you’re most aligned and abundant life is.