Luna Love


The energetics of February are really positive. And after the eclipse that is exactly what we need. The new moon in Aquarius on February 4th may be the best one of the year according to Astrology King. It brings happiness, abundance and good luck. The full moon on February 19th in Virgo is just as good bringing more high vibes and a steamy new romance. Regardless of having a happy moon phase you can always find ways to cultivate loving energetics. There could be the best new moon of the year and you can still feel like you are barely treading water. We are all in our own phases and sometimes the cosmic world just intensifies what we are already going through. It is important to feel it all, acknowledge the ride you are on but you don’t need to stay in it, you don’t need to be there alone, there is love that you can find in community.

Love is this ever present force, it is always there for us to find if we want to see it. We are made of the same things that stars are made of, all of the matter in the universe is made up of stardust. What a magical thought, to think we are a part of the stars, a part of the cosmos, connecting us in an incredible way. This connection reminds me that there is this beautiful love woven inside and it is that self love that creates magnetism in your life. When we make self love the priority then we have a gauge of what we accept in our life. Loving yourself the way you want a partner to love you and waiting, just waiting for that right piece of stardust that love themselves the way you love yourself. Loving yourself to ask for more, ask for the life you truly want to have, ask for that perfect place you want to live in, ask for the friends you can truly connect with, ask for the job that lights you up and wait for it all, wait until you feel worthy for it all, work on the worthiness so you can attract it all.

We are all made of stardust, remember that when you are having a bad day and your apartment is so cold that your pipes froze, or the guy you fell for has broken your heart, or the job you went after said no, remember that we are stardust and we can move through it all, we are more powerful than we even know. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, love yourself enough to know when you need to reach out. I want you to feel all the love you can, to have the courage to keep going and to seek love like the stars seek a place to be seen.

Here is a list of love based rituals you can do this month to bring more luna love into your life:

  • A loving ritual bath. Get some bath salts and even if you cannot afford the fancy ones go to your local health food store and buy some epsom salts from the bulk bins. Light some candles and maybe get some incense to burn while you take the bath. Throw in some rose petals as flowers bring loving vibes to you. And then let it all go, cry if you need to, release it all in the healing water. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, go on a meditative journey to a place that feels amazing to you, be there and know that your spirit it fully there.

  • Start a gratitude list. You can even just pick one night and give yourself some time to write down the things you are grateful for. Light candles and listen to music that you love and write it all out.

  • Plan a soulful trip for yourself. Find a place your soul has wanted to visit and just go! Don’t make any excuses and find a way to make it happen. Travelling for your soul will always give you insight, it will bring loving vibes to your life.

  • Seek out community. Find your tribe and connect with people who are into the same things you are. Maybe it is a new hobby, maybe it is just an online community but make sure it is possitive and loving. Community heals and we need each other, there is not just one star in the universe there is many!

We are the stars in the cosmos, happy high vibing.