After the Super Blood Wolf Moon


Did you watch the lunar eclipse last night? It is the only total lunar eclipse in 2019 and was a magical show. Also being a super blood wolf moon meaning the moon appears closer to us and wolf moon refers to the Native American term for the full moon in January. What I really noticed was how much I felt the full moon leading up to the big show. It sparked feelings of anxiety, confusion and just a heaviness. This lunar eclipse is about looking at your shadow, it was not a time for manifestations but instead for introspection. Get really clear about what your personal shadow work is, this moon will help you recognize it. So now what? Everyone talks about the events leading up to this cosmic emotional rollercoaster but never after, what do we do now with the information we learned about ourselves?

Take action! It is one thing to recognize what the moon is telling you but another to do something about it. Is there a new mantra you can incorporate, a daily practice, maybe you just need to run away from it all and go on a trip. Put the focus back on you and create joy in your life. When you are putting self love first that will create more magnetism and bring in more love. The love we get is proportionate to the love we give ourselves. We are always a mirror to what we receive, the easiest way to see what your emotional life is like is to look at the things happening around you. What is amazing about that is you can change that at any time!!

Here are some mantra’s for after the super blood wolf moon based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: I am powerful manifestor and my independent spirit brings abundance.

Taurus: My patience will lead to perfect timing, I am magnetic.

Gemini: I am adaptable and can move with the phases of the moon, nothing can stop me from creating the life I love.

Cancer: I am love like the deep ocean, this love is my super power.

Leo: I am here to share my gifts with the world, my light deserves to be seen and will help others.

Virgo: I am the best friend, the confidant, the peaceful warrior here to help the world.

Libra: I am justice for all and myself, I am self love which creates more love for everyone.

Scorpio: I am passionate and magical and use this magic to create exactly what I want.

Sagittarius: I am free to roam and here to show others they can have a life of freedom.

Capricorn: I am steadfast and have the ability to bring in abundance, I know how to work hard and celebrate my success.

Aquarius: I am the unique thinker, my ideas will change the world.

Pisces: I am compassion personified, my art and expression show others how to love.

Happy high vibing!!