Topanga Travels - Upstate New York


I have been getting some questions about why I went on a solo road trip to stay in a cabin. Especially a cabin with no electricity in the middle of winter! I love travel and have always had a nomadic spirit. One of my intentions for this year was to make it a year about travel, to travel to a new place once a month, even if it was a weekend getaway. Most importantly I wanted to choose places that hold high vibrations, that pulled me in or I felt inspired to visit. I had this cabin airbnb saved on my wish list for months. When I found it I had this ping or intuition that I had to visit by myself, to heal from the rock bottoms of 2018. So I saved it knowing that I would one day visit. This intuition grew stronger as soon as we entered 2019 and so with very little planning I booked the cabin and a rental car and off I went on my winter getaway.

The drive to Argyle, New York was very peaceful and easy. I listened to the ‘Coast to Coast’ podcast and spruced up on the alien conspiracy theories that I love and finished listening to the book ‘Mastery of Love,’ equally important material for my new script. I stocked up on my favourites at Trader Joes like my tradition of drinking blue moon whenever I visit America. It was a long journey but so amazing to have several hours to myself, with my own thoughts and ideas. I arrived at night to the cabin and was greeted by the lovely host Victoria. She had a sled waiting for me to transport all my bags to the cabin. We became fast friends and connected over our vegan diets, our love for cabins and beliefs in spirit guides!

That first night I settled into an evening by the wood stove fireplace and a cozy room lit by candles. I truly felt like I stepped back in time and there was something very calming about this experience and at the same time uncomfortable, not of my surroundings because it was in fact my dream cabin, but in the sense that I longed for company on this trip.. My eyes and spirit had to adjust to its new reality of lighting by candles and sleeping in a cabin completely isolated. I thought I would be scared as I usually am when sleeping alone in a new place, especially in the middle of nowhere with only the sounds of coyotes in the distance. I wasn’t scared, there was something really peaceful and safe about the property, it had amazing energy. All I had were my own thoughts. This was a beautiful experience of really getting to know my intuitive voice, of knowing what its like to rely on just myself, to really be a friend to myself. i guess in a way that was the objective, to slow down enough and let nature heal my soul. There was no special ritual I did, no meditation, nothing of that nature, I just simply enjoyed my time and allowing whatever was to occur naturally occur.

This cabin was so beautiful and I am so grateful to have such a cool experience. It was very rustic but if you are into that kind of adventure and do not mind lower temps you should really go experience it for yourself! The best part of the trip was creating a friendship, but isn’t that really what travel is about? The people you meet create the experiences, and this one was healing and oh so lovely. I cannot wait to return to this magical place and stay in some of the other properties. Victoria created an impeccably curated vintage and cabin lovers oasis, it was divine and filled with magic. I am so happy to meet a new friend and to know this little high vibing part of the world really did soothe my soul. I hope you experience this wonder for yourself one day!