Where it all began! I really love beginning stories, to see where a creative idea started and to see how far it has come from that moment. I have been hosting ‘moon parties’ for over 2 years now and I never thought I would be here turning it into a cosmic community and brand. This is such a great example to me on how following joy can lead you to places you don’t expect. Was this always part of my journey? I really believe so. I have always been creating and following creative ideas, some of them stick and some of them vanish but none have been a waste as they have brought me here. This moon box idea wasn’t even mine, it was sparked by a beautiful relationship, the carrier of this sacred idea. If you are open to it love can really lead you to so many unexpected things and places. So here it is, my love letter to that time.

Almost a year ago I was travelling solo in Joshua Tree on Valentine’s day. It was at that time I started the journey for Topanga Moon. These photos are from that trip, a trip that made me fall in love with the desert and all of that love has been put into this brand. With the colours and emotions the desert evokes Topanga Moon was born. Welcome to my desert oasis with rituals that have healed my soul and product that is created with my loving vibration and beautiful intentions. This was created for community, for you and me to feel connected to nature and manifest our hearts desire. Welcome to the moon tribe.