Winter Solstice + Full Moon

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Ahhh the winter solstice, the most energetically magical time of year. This day has been celebrated by tribes for thousands of years and with good reason! It really is an energetic portal, and our ancestors knew its magic and that is why a place like Stonehenge has been used as a place of great ritual for the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and longest night of the year. This solstice is very special as we also have a full moon on the 22nd and the Ursid meteor shower. The cosmos are here to light the way for our darkest day. The solstice is about going within, a deep inner knowing of self and to reflect on this past year. It is a beautiful reminder of the cocoon phase we are in this month, to seek that silence. It is when we can get very still that divine messages can come in from our highest good. The absence of light allows us gratitude for mama earth and the sun, a time of reverence for the planet and the beautiful gift the sunlight brings us. It is also a great moment to ask yourself: Where in my life would I like more illumination? How can we use this time to connect to our guides and receive more intuition? What important parts of myself have I kept hidden from the world?

We also have a beautiful full moon on the 22nd, called the cold moon. It represents the struggle we may have gone through and the light from the moon now illuminating the blessings. It is a full moon starting in the sign of Gemini, the sign of the twins, yin-yang energy and finding balance in our lives. How can we use the high vibe energy of the moon to connect to others at this busy time. Then the moon goes into the sign of Cancer, the watery, emotional sign of great compassion. This sign allows us more ease and inner contemplation and a release for any lingering feelings that we need to let go. Also a wonderful time to contemplate where you were and how you were feeling on last years solstice and full moon? Last year at this time I went through immense struggle and illumination, and a year later I have found the tools to heal and have grown in major self worth! Now I enter this solstice and full moon with high vibration and a deep love for myself that was missing. We always go through the lessons our soul needs to elevate ourself for the new things we are calling in! If there is struggle in your life right now know that there is always light at the end and everything moves and flows, the struggle will not last and magnetic experiences are waiting for you if you accept the lessons and bless them for being teachers on your journey!

A beautiful winter solstice ritual you can do tonight is to create a sacred place in your home. Gather things that are special to you; candles, incense, flowers or anything that brings joy and ease. Write down an intention you have for the new year, let it be as magical and grand as you like. Then turn off all the lights and sit in the darkness as you contemplate the thing your soul craves and know that it is for you! Then light the candle, this represents the light after the darkness and the acknowledgment that the universe is bringing you your intention. Say a blessing for the light and the celebration of this winter solstice.

Happy winter solstice and high vibes for the holidays!