Full Moon in Aquarius


C O N N E C T I O N. That is the theme of this full moon in Aquarius. As we usher in these full moon vibes we have Venus conjunct the Sun. This means that our Venus side and especially the sign that falls in our specific area of Venus is amplified in the sun’s energy. These loving and connected energies are here to ignite our hearts and let go of fears that we are unworthy of love. This theme couldn’t be more serendipitous as I just released a podcast episode all about the topic of love and limiting beliefs! It is really about how we are shedding these stories and looking at our lives to see all the abundance around us. How can we use connection to light up our manifestations? And this could even mean connecting to mama earth, feeling the loving energy of Venus flow through the trees and soil.

Aquarius is the sign of originality, deep thinking and independence. They are able to see systems and patterns for the future. This is a great sign to host a full moon receiving ritual as it will guide future manifestations. Using that self love magic from Venus create some time tonight to host your own moon party and call in that Love or that Abundance or whatever your heart is desiring. This moon really wants us to let go of old stories as they keep us from moving forward like the Aquarian. Most importantly it is believing we are worthy of what we want. That is a key component to manifesting, the belief that your desires are valid and you are worthy of receiving them.

A simple full moon ritual:

Light some candles and set out a crystal you will be using for the full moon cycle. Thank the goddess Lakshmi for the prosperity and success that is coming your way. Write down your intention and carefully burn the piece of paper as an offering to the goddess while reciting this mantra:

Abundance flows easily, I am fully supported by the universe and worthy of my greatest desire…

Fill in the remainder of the mantra with the desire you are calling in.

End the ritual by calling in white light and love to protect your wish ceremony, thanking your guides and the goddess Lakshmi.

Happy full moon and high vibes!! xo

Podcast! and the Leo New Moon


It’s all happening!!! I am starting this Leo season off with exciting news. My podcast is out! I have wanted to create a podcast for a long time now and this timing feels so right. The topanga moon podcast is an extension of the brand where I get to interview spiritual entrepreneurs who inspire me and talk about all the incredible wellness things I love. It is wellness with a whole lot of moon magic. I wanted the podcast to feel like you are hanging with me and my friends discussing the cosmos and the mystical journey we are all on by the fire and under the desert stars. You know those conversations you have out in nature, on the nights where you are camping and get caught up in the beauty of the night sky. Those are the vibey conversations you will find on topanga moon. On the first episode I chat with my dear friend and energy healer Elise Johnston and we get really personal about our magical desert road trip through the American Southwest. We are talking all kinds of trippy magic like portal energy, the Sedona vortex and the time we jumped time. I love this conversation and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

We also have the powerful energy of the Leo New Moon. We are now out of the eclipse and into the energetic field of all possibility. We are in a huge moment of expansion!! All of your dreams feel more possible now, you get the extra high vibration to create anything. Leo is the abundant queen, we have everything we need right now to shine and step out into the light that is waiting for us. It is called the black moon or dark moon but this is just a term placed on this new moon and will not affect you in an energetic way. This new moon is all about getting exactly what you want and what you deserve. There is no better time to take that chance and go after the things you want, the Leo new moon is here for you and wants to see you shine. Get ready for all the high vibes in this fiery season.

Mantra: I am powerful and abundant, the queen of my destiny.

The podcast is on Spotify and will be on itunes soon. You can also enjoy the episode below.

Thank you to my amazing friend Sasha Szlafarski for creating the most perfect intro music for the podcast. It feels like the desert and is perfect. Enjoy moon tribe!!

We discuss:

  • Our dream campervan trip through the American Southwest

  • Energetic portals while travelling

  • Divine partnership

  • Transformation and energetic gifts after grief and loss

  • What is a grid, vortex and portal?

  • Manifestation through travel



    Music by: Sasha Szlafarski

Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse


Happy full moon in Capricorn lunar tribe! I am feeling such high vibes and amazing energy after my soulful journey in Croatia. This full moon has the essence of courage and total faith and inner guidance. It represents moving past your comfort zone, stepping fully into the unknown and creating from your heart space. Capricorn energy is all about goals and accomplishments on your own terms. This organized and motivated energy will give you the push you need to create the life you are dreaming of or co-create your current manifestation. I know that this retrograde and eclipse season has activated emotions and caused some intensity! I have been navigating these emotional zones I will call them by just riding the wave. Choosing to hop on for the ride, allowing whatever to flow in with grace and gratitude and a deep knowing that whatever is for me will always be for me. Signs and synchronicities are at an all time high right now so look out for them! This morning I asked the universe to give me a sign that I am on the right path and immediately afterwards I bumped into an old work colleague and friend and our chat reconfirmed that I made the right decision to leave a job that wasn’t serving me anymore and go on my European adventure. Know that the universe is always there just waiting to be asked for assistance. Ask and it shall be given.

This full moon may feel uncomfortable but that is a good feeling! When we expand and up-level our life we start to feel uncomfortable in this new vibration. Staying in it and finding the good feeling thoughts supporting it will help this transition. This full moon wants you to soar higher, reach new levels and get into that high vibing vortex. We are also experiencing a lunar eclipse, making us feel very raw and vulnerable. A lunar eclipse is when the sun, earth and moon are all in alignment. How cool is this, there is a full alignment of these major energies and allow us to get back into alignment!! Eclipses teach us vital lessons and strip away all that isn’t serving us. Tapping into that eclipse energy will help you align with the true essence of you. What is your personal truth? Mama Luna will guide you and illuminate that for you. It is a very exciting time for manifestation. Your new experience wants to come through and it is only your job to get into the same frequency as this experience. Remember you were born worthy and a recognition of this worthiness will get you to that alignment. Life can be so exciting and amazing, look around at all the blessings you already have on this full moon.

Manifesting on the full moon:

  • ask the moon

  • feel the joy of your manifestation, it is coming

  • get into those high vibing feelings

  • surrender and allow the magic of the moon

Happy high vibes on this beautiful full moon, remember you are so loved and self love is the answer to all of your beautiful future adventures.


I am the light and fullness of the moon, I am worthy of all my hearts desires


Mercury Retrograde


I am excited to have this mercury retrograde. No more fear around this cosmic phenomenon because our perception is everything and will change what we receive! So why am I loving this mercury retrograde that is moving through Leo and Cancer and during eclipse season? These energies may be intense but what I think the beauty about this time is that we can see so much more clearly. There may be miscommunications or miss steps that actually enlighten something for your benefit. Something may come in that at first seems like a denial or hurtful experience but it is actually the universe’s way of protecting you. That is the power of retrograde, we can dive in deeper and actually see things for what they are. For example right before this retrograde a guy that I met while on vacation sent me a message that he meant to send another girl! This is so retrograde and so perfect because it was a clear sign about his intentions. My perception of the situation was that it was in fact a blessing.

Since mercury is all about communication and this is the area that can get confused during this time why don’t we use it as an opportunity to become extra clear with ourselves and others. Speak your truth, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and ask for what you want! We can use the emotional side of Cancer to get clear on our feelings and what we love and then use the confidence of Leo to express it, no matter the outcome. The truth will always set you free. And do not be surprised if ex’s come back at this time, they love to pop up during retrogrades. Use your intuition and really follow that gut instinct about it, this is a great opportunity for you to decide what you want and if it is of your best interest. Remember that we can create the experience we desire, we can choose to see things in a positive way and we can perceive any situation as a benefit to us. Always look for the silver lining and remember to speak with love and walk in the direction of love.

Happy retrograde moon babes, xoxo


New Moon + Solar Eclipse


Happy new moon in Cancer! The sign of Cancer is very nurturing, divine and loving. This mother energy is allowing us to look at how we can nuture and give love to ourselves and to others and our planet. It is all cyclical, what we take in as energy we also give. There is a strong theme of partnership, companionship and love for all beings at this time and what a beautiful time to celebrate that in the beginning of summer. If we tap into this alchemy of self love and truly finding the feeling of joy before the evidence of our manifestations we can manifest all of our hearts desire. Whatever it is you are calling in right now use the energy of the new moon to feel the feelings first! Let it all go, bless your desires and find happiness in what you already have. Those high vibe feelings are accelerated at this time so it is easier to float with the good times. This is also a very tender time, emotions are very high so you may experience high highs and low lows. We always live in polarity, the universe shows us both aspects but it all depends on our perception of what is entering our life. To ride the wave of bliss be in nature, watch the sunset, swim in the sea or go on a hike. When we can remove ourselves from all distractions we can connect to that mother nature energy that will infuse us with light and power.

We also have a solar eclipse. This is the beginning of a strong eclipse portal of energy in the month. After experiencing the portal energy of Sedona, Arizona I know first hand the pure magic that can be found with this kind of energy. We have access to this portal during the eclipse, access to our full potential and total new beginnings that will unfold. It is also a north node eclipse in the sign of Cancer, and north nodes are about our destiny and fate. This brings us to a whole new path!!!! We are entering a completely new phase, so it is our job to either step into this next chapter with an open heart or resist, but either way it will be happening. This is a defining moment where we have come to an end of a karmic completion. It is a monumental time for us to let go of the life we are living to experience the life we have dreamed of and embrace the unknown fully. We must have the faith to move fearlessly in this time, listen to our intuition and take inspired action when we are called. I am SO READY for this shift, are you?

A mantra to help you transition through this exciting time:

I am willing to let go of the old world to live the life that was meant for me, a divine path is illuminated.

Some photos so far of my trip in Croatia!! Also you will find my new moon + solar eclipse playlist below, enjoy this groovy time.

Full Moon in Sagittarius


We are just days away from the summer solstice and have a full moon in Sagittarius. This full moon feels especially powerful for me as it falls on my birthday June 17th and the same day I will be arriving in Croatia. There is a major energetic portal at this time giving an opportunity for an upgrade. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and freedom, this true freedom for expansion and upgrade. It is so kismet that I will be travelling on this full moon and know that this trip was always destined for me to up level and create major shifts. It is an opportunity for anyone to up level with these energetic shifts. 

This portal energy gives us access to higher versions of ourselves, that is if we decide to step into it and embrace the worth that was always within. It is a sacred time to unearth our deepest authentic desires and truly believe that we can have them. In this high frequency we can access higher realms. Discernment is key in this time as the energy may bring overwhelm, but if you can stay grounded yet open to this mystical layer you can access intuitive avenues of your life you have yet to discover. Listen to the soft whispers you can and meditate. Allow your body to then integrate all this new information, what is coming in will be a higher realm of consciousness and will take much earthly energy. Ritual, rest and rejuvenation are all essential during this whole week. It will start on the full moon and continue to the summer equinox so it could be wise to write down everything. Like a puzzle you will have to put together the subtle signs you will receive all week through dream work, mediation and synchronicity. 

A ritual you can do on this full moon to activate this higher energetic portal is a dusk meditation. Find a space where you can marvel at the beauty of the full moon. Take several deep thoughtful breaths in as you look at the moon and let your mind focus on the breath. Once you are in a zen-like state with the mindful breathing and still looking at the moon, ask your guides/universe to bring in a message or ask a specific question. This can also be a request to receive a prophetic dream that night. Once you have asked the question listen for a moment for what may come in. If you have a notebook with you, you can write down anything that may come through, a thought, a word or a sentence. A good way to know if it is your guides sending you a message is that they will be direct and kind with loving words. You may also at this time go into a meditation to slow your thoughts and let the magic of the full moon bring portal energy to you. Thank the universe for the guidance. 

I hope you are celebrating this mystical time, beautiful shifts await us. Happy high vibes! 

June New Moon


It is gemini season and my birthday month! Being a gemini sun and moon and not to mention libra rising means I am all air. That means I am usually floating around in the cosmos and makes it harder for me to stay grounded in so many areas of my life, but especially relationships. Can any of my fellow air signs relate? I am a dreamer through and through which is so beneficial for my creative life and gives me so much vision. Plus I love communication in any capacity, I love more than anything to get into a spiritual conversation or really get to know your essence through words. To put this ability into practical use I have learned that my spirit needs earthing!! I need to feel the earth and connect to nature and that is what creates the ground work for my beautiful visions and my communication, bringing me back to the soil. And all of this directly relates to the upcoming new moon which really showcases the power of words.

The new moon on June 3rd is in gemini! This new moon calls us to remember that our words are sacred, our words are our wands, then have the power to create our reality. Gemini energy can be intense, it could make your mind swirl with thoughts and it definitely likes to create stories! I am a storyteller by nature and this has been a great asset to my writing but has also contributed to the stories I tell myself. This is a really good time to evaluate those stories, what are the shadowy stories you are telling yourself and how can you focus on moving the energy instead. So when a negative story comes up for you can you notice it and just focus on the feeling. Allowing the feeling to move you, but do not give the story power. Instead write a new story!!! That is something we can control and even if it doesn’t feel true yet we must practice to make the new empowered story a truth. Use the new moon to write yourself beautiful new stories as the energy of the new moon will super charge your words. Your words will become magic, honour them, bless them and feel it all. You are so loved and so worthy as you are.

I hope you have an amazing new moon and I will be hosting a new moon party on June 4th, all of the details can be found on the ritual page.

xoxo and happy high vibes!

New Moon in Joshua Tree

Photo: Cameron Butryn

Photo: Cameron Butryn

Happy New Moon from Joshua Tree. I am so thrilled to be spending this new moon in my favourite place and for a wedding celebration of one of my dearest. This new moon really feels special to me and is a symbol of all things love. It is the new moon in Taurus, a great sign of beauty and stability. Look at where Taurus shows up in your natal chart and this will guide the direction of the new moon for you. My Taurus is in Venus and that is no surprise there as I am literally being bathed in love and witnessing the purest of soul partner love at a wedding in Joshua Tree. For me this is a beautiful example of holding the energetics of love. Aligning with my soul partner has really been on my heart this year and this very new moon is the greatest sign for that. You can hold the energetic space for what you want to create by those who you surround yourself with and the actions you take, how can you create an atmosphere of love to bring more in?

This new moon is all about change, the courage to take that leap for change, to put yourself in uncertainty to align with the certainty that the universe holds for you. The breakthrough and great joy is found in taking leaps for your soul, to follow the heart pings you feel that will lead the way. For me that came in the form of a road trip through America, beginning at a wedding (ritual) in the desert. Tonight I honour the energetics by continuing the love ritual created at the wedding. You can hold ritual for anything you desire and it is a way to announce the change you want to create, announce the start of your uncertain path. There is beauty to be found at the end of that courageous leap, what does life have for you there.

Tonight in the Joshua Tree National Park I will be lighting candles, offering flowers and blessing this perfect new moon moment with the sunset.

Happy High Vibes, xo


Full Moon in Libra


Hello Full Moon!!! How is everyone in this Aries season? I must say for me and maybe its a gemini thing but this Aries season is working me to the bone!! I actually was burnt out this month which I haven’t gone through in a long time and I know it is because right now I am calling in a more expanded and elevated life while transitioning out of my old life and stories, hence the growing pains. Aries is a force and is intense and powerful, there is no time for second guesses right now. While I transition into this new energetic portal I have felt a sense of being more introverted and just getting work done. It is important to honour those seasons and I know that it is all worth it for the experiences I am about to have.

A big part of this expansion and portal upgrade will be my travels to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. I have felt called to these areas for so long but for various reasons my plans always fell through. I tried to plan a trip there on 3 separate occasions and it never flowed, even one trip was pretty set in stone and still didn’t happen! Through all the energetic work I have done I knew that it just meant it wasn’t the right time. As I learned from a trip to Hawaii over a year ago, you really need to be spiritually ready to enter some of these places. I will be travelling through Sedona, Arizona which is known to be an energy portal and now I see that my soul is ready for that experience and that is why I am going in May. I will be creating some travel guides to all these high vibing places and cannot wait to share my experiences with you on the blog, my instagram and upcoming podcast!!

Now back to this full moon energy we have today. We will all experience it differently depending on where we find Libra in our chart. This is the pink full moon as we are in a season of spring flowers. Libra is ruled by Venus and this full moon is about romance and partnership and collaboration. It taps into the side of libra that seeks beauty and pleasure so get that salt bath going or have a fun night out with friends, you may even stumble upon a new romantic connection. This full moon can also help you manifest soulmate love as it did for my bestie two years ago this day on a sailboat in Savannah. You can use this full moon energy to call in that partner, even if it is not your divine time yet. Set the intention and believe before you receive. Full moons always bring magic and is the best time to cultivate self care and love for yourself. And since I have been working away this month I will be celebrating the full moon with another bestie over drinks and a much needed night out.

Happy full moon and high vibes, xo

New Moon In Aries


The Aries new moon, the first of the zodiac, the freshest of starts. There is a theme I am feeling for this month and this new moon of being INSANELY AUTHENTIC. This new moon is about getting so real about yourself and starting completely fresh by getting rid of what is not working once and for all. When you clear things out in your life that is when you can bring more in. When you make your self worth your top priority and become really honest with what you want that is when the clarity will rush in. The universe can’t send you something unless it knows what you want. This new moon is really calling you to jump in and throw all cautions to the wind, with you hair flowing while you drive past your fear. It is about the alchemy created when we put in the work, the true work we want to be creating and not to be confused with the things that aren’t aligned. This will be a month of pushing through, finishing up projects and trying to juggle all that is coming to you. Remember to breathe! and to find your sacred moments of rest.

Here is a ritual to do for tonight’s new moon!

Ritual for new moon manifestation:

Let’s get real!! Get some music playing, clean your space, turn down the lights and light some candles. Get things really vibing by using some woodsy incense and have a tarot deck near by. We are setting a mood to feel great and create a sacred moment for yourself. Turn off your phone as you don’t want any distractions for when intuition comes in. Get your journal or a piece of paper and write down the things that you have been doing that are not aligning and making you happy and get REAL about it. Take an inventory of anything that doesn’t make you feel your most vibrant self and then ask yourself is there something I can do to change it? If there is one pressing issue you can ask the tarot deck for a resolution. Listen for what your gut is telling you. Then write a dream list, whatever you want for your year write it down. Thank the universe for guiding the way and brining in portals for you to achieve it. Get excited about your new life, it is coming for you, just watch for the signs and let the universe do its magic. Take action right away! What is one thing you can do right now to get closer to your vision? Maybe it’s creating a vision board, sending an email, researching a new project idea or writing the synopsis of your new book idea. With this new moon energy do it now!! The Aries energy is here to give you the boost and passion you need.

Happy new moon and high vibing!

xo Ana