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Topanga: ‘Where the mountain meets the sea’

What is Topanga Moon?

We sell monthly ritual boxes that include everything you need to host a moon ritual night for your friends or for yourself! The new moon is the best time to call in something you want to manifest. Along with selling the ritual boxes we provide a community to support a mindful way of living. It’s bringing sacred rituals into the everyday and cultivating a high vibe life through beautiful practices. A community that encourages your authentic self and rituals that can enchant and expand your mystical life. We also host soulful moon workshops and retreats in beautiful high vibrational locations to connect as a community and in nature. I believe sharing with a community in nature offers such a profound healing experience and can inspire and introduce you to new experiences and people that will expand your life.


Who is Topanga Moon?

She is a warrior for mama earth, she sets time aside to bring sacred rituals into the everyday, she is mystified by a sunset and will spend hours daydreaming under the desert skies. She is a dreamer and doer, using her light to brighten the way for others. She vibes with the moon, tells it’s stories and falls in love with the cosmos. She is magnetic in her authentic power, she is loved exactly as she is.

About Ana Alic

I am so honoured you found this space and product. I have been called “professional mood setter” and I take great pride in creating beautiful spaces for people. I started hosting new moon parties two years ago by accident! At the time I was really into the wellness lifestyle and had read and tried everything you can imagine. One summer night I was swimming in my friend’s pool and I looked up and noticed the full moon. After our swim we were trying to figure out something else to do and I suggested that I heard about moon rituals and since there was a full moon we could try it out. That night I hosted my first moon ritual out of curiosity and some intuition. Our other friends heard about this full moon ritual and wanted to join in on the next one. I then discovered that in two weeks time there would be a new moon which was actually the optimal time to host a ritual. I have been hosting new moon rituals ever since, developing my own guide and testing it out at each party.

I have a unique journey that includes working in the medical field and leaving to pursue an acting career which had me dabbling in fashion styling, script writing and now moon hosting. I was happy working on these pursuits but creating my own business and creating the life I love on my own schedule was always on my mind. I believe the universe presents hardships to give you a little push to create your desires. From our hardships we can create the most magnetic things that are aligned with our soul and growth and for me that was Topanga Moon. This is my love letter to that beautiful time. If you are on your own healing journey I hope this space brings you comfort and resources as it has healed me in creating it!

Rituals have really changed my life in a beautiful way and my desire is that this product brings loving vibration and beautiful change into your life.

If you want to know more about me you can go to my website.